Tuesday, April 19, 2005

being clear and direct

Everyone went out tonight except me and Catherine, and Catherine is asleep. I'm not used to things being so quiet. It is a welcome change after today. This morning I had a mini-breakdown. It really started last night, when Brian announced that his Dad had asked us over on Sunday to have a cookout and watch the football game. Which would have been fine, but we had already made plans with my parents and my sister for that day. I could tell by the way Brian mentioned it that he wanted to go, and when it became obvious by the way that I reacted that I didn't want to go, he announced that he would go by himself.

Mainly because he finds it impossible to say no to his dad. Later he changed that to "I'll go and I'll take Catherine with me." Anyway, for various reasons that makes me nervous, but it looks like that is what is happening. To be fair, we haven't seen his Dad since *gasp* Tuesday, but there are very good reasons for that... not the least of which is that we have been busy seeing his Mom every afternoon... I feel like I should start a chart of who gets time with us when... Pink Candy Shavers the only question is, do I count the hours that we are asleep since we are technically in my parents' house? I'm sick of the whole situation. So anyway, I lost it this morning because I tried to talk to Brian about all this, and he got very cold with me... he says he "was just being clear and direct and not rambling". Like me, I assume, although he denied that that was what he meant.